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Q. What will happen after my purchase?

A. Immediately after your purchase you will be forwarded to the 'thank you page' (remember to click the 'return to merchant' button!) where you will choose a username and password to login to the reports and community. It looks like this...

join poage

Since fellow members will be able to see your username we suggest that you do not use your email address or any other private information or identifying code (such as your SS#, etc.) as your new username.

After you choose your username and password you will then be immediately forwarded to our login page. It looks like this...

login page

After you enter your login name and password you will then be forwarded to the home page of our community, where you can immediately click on any of the links to read the reports, articles, and more...or you can go to our community forums, chat, blog, or gallery. It will look like this...

tigress luv community home

And here is a look at our forum community...(remember that our forums are full of people who are going through the exact same thing as you, so there is a lot of insightful information there, along with compassionate and fully understanding hugs!)

tigress luv message boards

You can now login to the community directly from the login page anytime you want during the entire term of your membership!

Why Wait?

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Stop wasting your precious time going through the pain of rejection and a broken heart, or of being used over and over again! You can spare yourself all that agony and have an answer to your dilemma - and have a GREAT support group backing you up!

NOTE: You should automatically receive information on joining the private website, or how to read the products, immediately after payment. If for some reason you are not, or need any assistance at all,  please feel free to email for assistance at: GlassPublishing "at" aol.com!

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